Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I used to smoke more pot than a colony of Rastafarians. When I first started, I thought smoking was beautiful. I was so into the feeling that I decided I wanted to stay high. I hosted massive smoke sessions in my garage every day because my mother didn't mind. Shit, she was higher than we were. The ritual continued all throughout the school year, and by summer I was a very different person. 

My grades, my health, and my confidence saw a sharp decline. I felt like a complete failure. I had taken something completely innocent and fucked it all up. This is why people who smoke weed are typically judged as losers. It’s almost always taken too far. If I would have just been mature and learned to savor the experience then maybe I wouldn't have found myself in such a bad situation.

I'll never forget the day that I decided to stop. I was laying on my bed, higher than the space station, listening to "Git up, Git Out" by Outkast. That's when it hit me. I started smoking to expand my mind and appreciate nature, not to sit on my ass and play Xbox. I started paying attention to the shit my friends were doing and it really freaked me out. Some were getting serious with selling while others were branching out and trying new things like Bars and Acid. I felt afraid. I wish that I would have tried to help them, but Instead I just ran away.

I didn't mess with bud for 24 months. I spent most of that time alone, but I know that period of solitude is where I grew into the person I am today. That's when I really started getting into hip-hop, and that's also when I started writing. I didn't have anyone to talk to, so I put my thoughts on paper.
It felt like my headphones and my spiral were the only friends I had. Eventually I realized living in League City was pointless. I didn't have to take myself out of the Woodlands to get my shit together.
I just had to make the conscious decision to be responsible and pay attention.

I'm not telling you to quit smoking, and I'm not trying to say that weed is bad. I’m merely stating for my own personal satisfaction that the average marijuana smoker takes it too far. It just pisses me off when people convince themselves they can't enjoy an activity unless they’re high. It’s as though they've developed a dependency and can’t find satisfaction in everyday life without being stoned. To me, that's unnatural. So if you smoke weed, and by some crazy chance you understand what I’m getting at, then maybe try to tone it down a little bit. Don’t quit completely, just take it easy and enjoy it casually. You might be glad that you did

"Outkast - Git Up, Git Out"


  1. This was really relatable. I only recently made a similar discovery and decided to tone it down. I bought myself a piece with a very small bowl, and unless it's the weekend, I hold myself to only smoking one small bowl and then just enjoying being in a good mood. Eventually it becomes impossible to be a productive person whilst being completely blazed 24/7, and a change needs to be made.

  2. It sucks going from thinking you have so many great friends to realizing you have none or very few when you stop smoking and drinking. Especially drinking though, people see you as boring and anti social if you don't drink. Like 90% of the kids our age get others to hang out by saying "lets get wasted this weekend" or "lets go blaze" there is nothing else there so when it stops wtf are you really doing? Try to go to a party and not drink and you will see how stupid people look and act that it turns you off even more.